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As dancers, we learn to master the flow of energy. We generate energy with our bodies and movements, and fill space with this energy when we perform. This is how we create magic and electrify audiences.
In our Indian Classical arts, energy flows physically, mentally, spiritually, even historically. Think of the similarities with our great rivers, ever flowing through time. Through the Guru-Shishya Parampara, teachings flow from master to student, and from performer to audience members touching countless individuals along the way. Similar to the flow and currents of a magnificent river, consider each new artist as a tributary carving an individual path but ultimately flowing along with our traditions and history and creating a powerful force. This is how our classical arts flow from artist to artist, and generation to generation, from master to student, and stay flourishing thousands of years later.
I conceived of PRAVAHA, a dance conference, to bring senior dance Gurus, promising performers, and reputed dance teacher-educators together in one conference to engage in learning, conversation and exchange. To ground ourselves, to re-energize, and to rejuvenate.  When you share your energy with the world, especially as performers and teaching artists, it becomes especially important to replenish and find time to re-enter and reconnect with our history of dance. 

The agenda for the conference will be as follows:
  • Lecture-Demonstration by Senior Gurus 
  • Performers - Each of the presenting artists will revisit earlier works that they learned directly from their Gurus, and present them with a fresh perspective
  • Panel discussion about today’s dance education, learning & teaching practices across styles and through different lenses
I look forward to you joining us on this introspective journey, and that all who participate in PRAVAHA will leave feeling re-energized, supported, and ready to launch the next phase of their dance journeys. 
Artfully yours,