ABHAI, its History, Mission, Achievements, and Future Plans. 

ABHAI (Association of Bharatanatyam Artists of India) established in 1987 is one of its kind organization for Bharatanatyam Artists from all over the world. With a membership base of over 3000 artists from all over the world, the association serves as the unified voice of the Artistic Fraternity to take up issues or matters of concern of its members to several Government bodies, both Central and State and financially assist old and indigent artists.  It is also engaged in the spreading and education of the art form at various levels in the community through its Outreach Initiatives as well as improving on the standards of learning by organizing several Abhivriddhishalas (workshops) for the benefit of its members from time to time conducted by very Senior Gurus & Acharyas. 

ABHAI also has instituted several Awards and recognitions for Artists by which it applauds and appreciates the yeoman service these artists have done for the cause of the Art.  Apart from this several Festivals are organized throughout the year to provide a platform for young and upcoming talents as well as Senior Artists and Legends.  ABHAI has also come forward to assist and rehabilitate the artists who have suffered during natural calamities like Earthquakes, Floods, and presently the Pandemic. ABHAI has launched its initiative called “Artistes for Artistes Welfare Fund”, for raising money to assist such artists who are no longer able to perform professionally or teach because of their failing health and age-related issues. With these funds currently, we can reach out to more than 15 artists on a monthly basis and assist them financially with their medical expenses. 

ABHAI has also in the last 10 years launched several chapters throughout India to cater to the widening artists’ base and also to ensure that the benefits of being a member of ABHAI are enjoyed by all members. The several chapters also plan and execute activities individually and in collaboration with the main Centre so that the vision of ABHAI is uniformly spread to all its beneficiaries. 

For more details on ABHAI and its activities please visit our website www.abhai.org.in.