Yamini Saripalli Biography

Yamini Saripalli Biography:

Yamini Saripalli is a disciple of the late gurus Dr.Vempati Chinna Satyam and his son, Sri Vempati Ravi Shankar. Yamini trained for over two decades under her gurus and the esteemed faculty at the Kuchipudi Art Academy - Chennai. She has also received additional mentoring from Smt.Vanaja Ayyalaraju and Smt.Kalpana Jayanthi, both senior disciples of Dr.Vempati. Yamini has performed with Dr. Vempati's troupe throughout the United States and India.

As a solo artist, Yamini has performed at various esteemed venues throughout the United States, India, Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom in addition to performing in the Chennai Dance and Music Season for many years.

Yamini received training in Carnatic vocal music under the late guru Sri Bhagavatula Seetharama Sarma, Kalapeetham, Chennai, India.  She passionately and relentlessly pursues excellence and the highest of standards in her art form.

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