Sahara Sambamoorthi Biography

Sahara Sambamoorthi Biography:

Sahasra Sambamoorthi's passion aligns accordingly with Sridhar's; to reignite the fire of the South Asian performing arts within the US. Sahasra's knowledge started from her Carnatic violin training at 5 under Smt Ranjini Swamy and Bharatanatyam training at the late age of nine – she debuted with her arangetram only four short years later and performed in India at prestigious venues such as the Krishna Gana Sabha and the Kartik Fine Arts in Madras 2 short years after that under the smart and able guidance of guru Smt. Kalaimamani Ramya Ramnarayan.

Her training continues on with Ramya, and kathak from Prashant Shah while also continuing practice in carnatic vocals. She has experience training in kalaripayattu, odissi, kuchipudi, and mrdangam from maestros such as Bijayini Satpathy, Kishore Mosalikant, and TV Arjun.

From a young age, Sahasra knew she wanted to be a dancer and an arts administrator. Sahasra consequently began Navatman, Inc and joined forces with Sridhar Shanmugam to co-found the organization as it currently stands. She is currently CEO of Navatman and has created well over 50 choreographies, directed a full feature film featuring Indian dance and music, is co-founder of the Navatman Music Collective - one of the world’s first Indian carnatic choirs - and the Navatman Junior Troupe, a one of a kind initiative training children in kathak, bharatanatyam, and vocals. Through Navatman, she has produced 2 albums of music over the years and is co-curator of the global Indian arts festival Drive East. She continues to give time to arts organizations around the city to help further visibility and give perspective of the Indian arts, such as the NEA, Ascend NYC, Dance NYC, and more. 

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