Srinidhi Raghavan Biography

Srinidhi Raghavan Biography:

Srinidhi Raghavan started learning Bharatanatyam nearly thirty years ago and has performed globally over the decades in the USA, Canada, Europe and in India as a soloist and in lead roles in group productions. Known for her "precise nritta and apt abhinaya" (The Hindu) she is also recognized for her innovative choreographies and original works, which often explore contemporary themes via traditional Bharatanatyam pieces. Srinidhi's wide and extended exposure has added an eclectic element to her delivery which, when combined with her traditional style, results in a unique reflection of elegance and experience. Critics have described Srinidhi as "a strong woman, so relaxed and confident that performing her intricate dance is a breeze, as easy to sing as a lullaby..." She is a graduate of Columbia University and The Wharton School. 

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